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Pool Services

Liner Installation
Inground – Includes liner, minor bottom patching, and gaskets. Customer pays for water, Scarritt to arrange with our water supplier.


Aboveground – see aboveground labor redo pricing page. Customer pays for water, Scarritt to arrange with our water supplier. Must get a minimum of two loads. Must sign contract. David Scarritt to measure pool. Call David immediately if customer wants to proceed. Most questions on liners can be hand.


Conditions affecting labor pricing: decks that interfere with topseat removal. Aboveground pools with deep end or scooped-out middle/center. Exceptions: Doughboy expandable liner installation labor minimum is done on sunny days above 75 degrees.


Inground Pool Opening or Closing
Aboveground Pool Opening or Closing


Up to 50,000 gal.-
Over 50,000 gal.-


All openings – Client to have: water level to ½ on skimmer, power on to equipment pad and outdoor outlets, storage area unlocked, or accessories placed by pool, i.e. ladders, handrails, etc. Water and leaves pumped off bag/tarp-type cover.


All openings include: removing and storing cover, removing winter plugs, starting pool equipment, lighting heater( if applicable), brushing pool. Chemicals to start include shock and algaecide. Additional shock or algaecide may be needed based on visual condition of pool water at additional cost. Repairs are extra-labor plus parts. Client to bring water sample for balancing after 24 hours.


Additional options for openings – vacuuming, bailing of leaves or water from cover or pool – Repairs and parts. Balancing of water – Return trip due to low water level or no power.


Pool Closing: includes closing chemicals and up to 4 gallons antifreeze (I.G. pool)

All Closings – Client to have: water drained to just below inlet fittings, leaves out of water, water balanced, access to cover and plugs, etc./ or left by pool.

Initial test and chemical balance of pool water

First/ Initial pool vacuuming


Basic Monthly pool service – empty pool baskets, brush pool, take water sample, Test and call with results. (supplies/chemicals not included)

Weekly/ Bi-weekly pool maintenance – Please call for our service area

Spring/Winter filter cleaning – on site, includes filter cleaner pickup, disassemble, clean at store, return and install.

Site visit for new pool



Pool Inspection

Inground “Visual”: Includes a visual inspection of the pool, its surface, coping, filter system, components, and accessories with a types report.

  • Inground “Extensive”: Includes visual inspection, as well as a Pressure test of the skimmer and return lines. With a typed report.
  • Aboveground – “visual inspection”
  • Run new pool line
  • Loop-loc Cover installation
  • Baby-loc Fencing
  • Concrete pool renovation
  • Northwest Connecticut Services – Openings and closings for pools and spas, pool equipment installation or replacement, Loop-Loc cover installation.

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