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Spa Installation

Create a Custom-Designed Retreat for Year-Round Enjoyment
For the price of a week-long spa getaway, you can create a custom-designed retreat for year-round enjoyment right in your own backyard with a Hot Spring spa. We’ve provided some important considerations within this section to help guide you through the process. Scarritt can help you enhance your Hot Spring spa as you design a backyard layout and give you ideas for decking and other wood hot tub accessories and spa enclosures.

Also, be sure to check out our photo album of award-winning installation ideas.


Choosing a Site for your Spa
Choosing a site for your spa is a personal decision based on your intended use and the existing features of your home and property. When choosing an outdoor location, consider that the closer to the home the spa is located, the easier it will be to go back and forth when it’s used. Also, think about how you plan to use your spa. Is it strictly an adults-only relaxation environment, or will you also use it for family gatherings and social entertainment?


You’ll want to consider things like accessibility – is it convenient to get to? Privacy – will you have to screen your neighbors? And general aesthetics – will the spa look good in the location you are considering? Also, where will users change? How is the location of your spa in relation to the entertainment area of your home? If your home has a scenic view or a secluded grove of trees, you many want to create a special area so that your spa makes the most of this environment. Be sure to check out our line of Spa Accessories. These are the perfect complement to your spa and backyard environment.


Whether you choose to set up your spa on an existing patio or deck, or want to conquer unexplored terrain in your backyard, you’re going to need a firm, level surface that is strong enough to support it. The size of your spa will determine the exact amount of space you’ll need. Keep in mind you’ll need a source of electricity to run the spa. If electrical power is being brought from your house, this is a good opportunity to consider other retreat features such as lighting and music. You’ll also need access to a hose to fill your spa.


For more information on how to prepare for the delivery of your Hot Spring spa, ask about our Pre-Delivery Instructions. Scarritt’s exclusive “No-Hassle” Installation Procedures.


Choosing a Deck or Patio for Hot Tub Installation?
A deck or patio is an ideal spot to set up your hot tub retreat. Whether you have an existing deck/patio or are planning to design and build one from scratch, planning ahead will produce a built-in, integrated look. We can recommend one of our A+ Business Partners.


There are three ways to install a hot tub on your deck: flush-mounted with the deck surface, partially mounted in the deck surface so that a portion of the hot tub is exposed, or freestanding.


Freestanding spas rest directly on top of the deck. The advantage to this type of setup is that if you ever remove the spa, there won’t be a hole in your deck. Remember that deck materials aren’t limited to wood. Alternative surface options include ceramic tile, slate, brick and stone. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.


Professional landscaping around your spa can complete the transformation of your backyard into a permanent retreat. Many times a new spa is placed in an existing lawn area or on a deck. Trees, shrubs and flowers surrounding your spa can create many different atmospheres. Be aware of the location of any tree limbs, as you do not want them hanging over your spa. Landscaping is not possible in every environment. For these situations there are many ways to create an inviting atmosphere.


Some ideas include: gazebo, arbors, built-in planter boxes, freestanding planters, potted plants, hanging baskets, and additional water features such as fountains and waterfalls.


Built-in planter boxes grouped in tiers are an effective way to create depth in areas of limited space. Hanging baskets offer a variety of elements like color, fragrance, texture and interest. If you have a wall, lattice or screen of any kind, hang several half baskets.


Patio coverings range from very simple to complex. You can create different environments by selecting a particular type of wood, posts and lattice design, sealant, stain or paint. The amount of sunlight and privacy can be controlled by how close the spacing of the lattice is. Growing flowering and fragrant vines on the covering produces a very cozy atmosphere.


Enclosing your spa with a decorative hot tub gazebo is a great way to enhance the sense of a getaway and increase privacy.

Spa Installation

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