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Sanitizing Info

Hot Tub/Spa and Pool Sanitizing Information

Always follow your spa manufacturer’s recommendations. It’s best to locate a professional spa and pool products dealer near you to test your water regularly and create a customized sanitizer program to your needs. There is no one set of instructions for sanitizing all spas and pools. Every spa/ pool owner’s usage is a little different. What works for a friend may not work for you. Below you’ll find systems that may help or augment your existing program.

We are not responsible for any conditions, situations, occurrences and/or injuries sustained by following the recommendations/ suggestions below.

The following are systems we’ve found to work well.


Hot Tub/ Spa

Some nevers: No pool chlorine-i.e. tablets, or cal-hypo granular. Don’t ask why, just trust us. Watch out for the Wal—rt stuff… it’s CalHypo and the worst thing for your spa!!!. Never rely on ozone alone to maintain a hot tub.

Definitions for terms used below:

Regular use: is 1 to 2 people using a spa for 5 to 20 minutes.

Heavy use: is 1 to 2 people using a spa for more than 30 minutes. Or 3 to 4 or more people.

Shock: raising the oxidizer or sanitizer (chlorine/bromine) level above 10 ppm. Run jet pump, spa cover should remain open for 15-20 minutes.

Sanitizer: Chlorine or Bromine.

Oxidizer: MPS
(Baquinide based, non-chlorine system covered below)


A. Chlorine-granular dichlor

1. Chlorine- only (no ozone, no nature 2)

a. Prior to each use:

Water should look clear. If cloudy, hazy,- proceed to test for a residual of chlorine with test strip. Add chlorine until you have a residual.

b. After each use:

1) Regular use- add ½ teaspoon per 100 gallons after each use.

2) Heavy use-add 1 teaspoon per 100 gallons after each use. If the spa goes unused for 3-4 days, add ½ teaspoon per 100 gallons.

3) Special events, kid’s parties, and use throughout the day: add chlorine throughout the day. A residual of chlorine in the morning will not last all day. Maintain the residual. At the end of the day- a good shock.

c. Weekly

1) Shock spa by adding 1 teaspoon per 100 gallons to spa water with the jet pump running. Leave spa cover open for 15-20 minutes while shock works. If spa is used infrequently, perform this step every two weeks.

2) Add accessory chemicals-

3) 2-3 capfuls of Stain and Scale Control

4) 1-2 capfuls of Water Clarifier

5) 1 oz. per 100 gallons of Spa Enzyme Cleaner.

d. Monthly- Remove filters. Hose off. Spray element of filter with Filter Cleaner Degreaser cleaner.

2. Chlorine with Nature2

a. Chlorine additions are the same as above. The Nature2 cartridge gives you an additional measure of protection.

3. Chlorine with ozonator (Ozone)

a. Chlorine additions are the same as above. Eventually, the ozone oxidizes the chlorine from the spa. If the spa goes unused, generally the ozone will keep the water clear for weeks. Replace your ozone unit every few years.

4. Chlorine with Nature2 and ozonator (ozone)

a. The combinations of these products provide you with proven technology. Chlorine additions are the same as above. Eventually, the ozone oxidizes the chlorine from the spa. If the spa goes unused, generally the ozone will keep the water clear for weeks.


B. Bromine – granular

a. Bromine

1) Regular use- add 1 teaspoon per 100 gallons after each use.

2) Heavy use-add 2 teaspoons per 100 gallons after each use.

3) If the spa goes unused for 3-4 days, add 1 teaspoon per 100 gallons.

b. Bromine with Ozonator (ozone)

1). Bromine additions are the same as above. Eventually the ozone oxidizes the bromine from the spa. If the spa goes unused, generally the ozone will keep the water clear for weeks.


C. Bromine Tablets

a. Bromine tablets work especially well in a spa that receives little use and does not have an ozone unit. Tablets should be dispensed in a floater. The floater should be refilled weekly. Done be afraid to load it up with tabs. Regular additions of PH Increaser are needed.

b. After each use- add granular chlorine / bromine or oxidizer like MPS. Same amounts as above

c. Important: many people experience a “choaking” smell when using bromine tabs. Eliminate the condition by “shocking.” Use chlorine or bromine to shock the spa. Please remember to leave your spa cover open for 15-20 minuets while the shock works. Perform the shock at least every two weeks.


D. Ever Fresh Water Care System

a. The EverFresh Water Care System maintains crystal clear water without regular chlorine additions. You do add a small amount of MPS, a granular oxidizer, each time before using the spa. Chlorine can be used weekly or as infrequently as once per month. We have hard-copy customized programs for each of the models.

b. The EverFresh Water Care System is made up of several KEY components.

1) Fresh Water Pre-filer- adds initial bank of silver ion.
2) Fresh Water Cartridge- silver ion cartridge.
3) Fresh Water 3 Corona Discharge Ozone
4) MPS and chlorine
5) Accessory chemical addition

c. The EverFresh Water Care System works with all 2006+ HotSpring, Tiger River, Solana, and HotSpot spas. Any HotSpring or Tiger River 1997 or newer. With minor help, any 1993-1997 HotSpring or Tiger. With a little more help, any 1990-1993 HotSpring. Not to leave out the owners of antique HotSpring Spas, we have several “Hop ups” to get you darn close to using the EverFresh Water Care System.


E. SoftSoak

a. A baquinide and peroxide based sanitizing system. Originally invented for swimming pools, has gained a real foot hold in the spa sanitizing arena. We love it. It’s not without its pros and cons.

1) Pro- it’s a once a week application
2) Pro its NON-chlorine
3) Con- increased filter maintenance, i.e. cleanings.
4) Con water tends to not have that crystal clear look a chlorine spa can have
5) Our BIGGEST TIP for SoftSoak- keep the dosage to the lower end of the ideal range.


Outdoor Swimming Pools

Chlorine Pools- dispensing tablets, granular or liquid

A few generalizations we want to make sure you’re doing no matter what!


#1. Your pool must operate at least 8-12 hours during daylight hours. More is ok. Less is bad. Running your pool at night only is bad. Anything other than 8-12 daylight, is putting a huge burden on the chemistry to keep the water clear. Period.


#2. Follow this yearly protocol: Open your pool, shock and algaecide, get tablets feeding immediately. Bring pool water to the store for balancing 24 hours later. Follow BioGuard’s three step system in season. Balance pool water just prior to closing.


#3. Sanitizer/chlorine should be dispensing throughout the day while the pool is running/filtering. A few ways below:


a. Sticks/tablets in the skimmer.


1. The BEST product is BioGuard Smart Sticks, because they stop dissolving when you shut off the pump. Plus we give you this cool little bag to hold the chlorine, so it’s easy to clean the bugs from the skimmer basket. Plus you use 1 stick per 5,000 gallons and they last all week. Great for any vinyl liner pool and especially above grounds because there’s no special feeder to purchase, plumb-in or have to get the lid off!


2. 3″tablets or 1″ tablets in the skimmer are just…ok. Because there’s no metering for your pool size and they continue to dissolve when the pump turns off. This can ruin your liner around the skimmer. Also shortens the life of pump seals as the chorine builds up in the piping to the pump, especially on above grounds. You can still purchase a “smartBag” to hold the chlorine in the skimmer.


3. Silk Sticks are designs for skimmer application for concrete/gunite pools or pools that run 24 hours a day. (1) stick per 10,000 gallons per week. They can also be dispensed in a feeder/ chlorinator. Very long lasting!


b. Feeder/ Chlorinator….inline or offline


1. 3″ or 1″ silk tablets work perfect here. Generally, most feeders are sized to hold a week’s worth or tablets. Just open it up and refill every week. And you fill it to the top! That’s the way they’re designed. You can also use the silk sticks in a feeder as well.


**CAUTION—only use one kind of chlorine in your feeder. Typically it’s a trichlor tablet. If you put a calhypo or other kind of tablet you may find your chlorinator in your neighbor’s yard.


c. Floaters — don’t work well. Uneven chlorination, kids throw them out of the pool! We don’t recommend them.