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Watkins IQ2020 Heater Relay Board


New heater board for 2001-2011 HotSpring, TigerRiver, or Limelight spa

No heat in your 2001 or newer HotSpring, TigerRiver, or Limelight spa? If your power light is solid, breakers are not tripped, you’ve checked to see if your heater has a reset button (click here), spa filter(s) have been chemically cleaned you likely need to replace this circuit board in the Iq box. Additional telltale signs….two LED lights are lit on main circuit board. Also, no power to heater cord, and possibly a burnt smell or look at the green colored circuit board material above where your power comes into the IQbox. Is there discoloration around one of the black cubes above the grey terminal block? Replacement is direct, and relatively easy.


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